"Matt and the InTandem Financial Team have been instrumental in my personal financial and estate planning, as well as the recent succession plan for my business, Commercial Acceptance Company, a 20 year old consumer credit and collection agency. They have provided valuable advice which has allowed me to transition ownership and day to day operations of my business entity to my son Dylan. Matt and his team understand the dynamics and interconnection between personal and business financial planning. Matt’s planning included input from both my accountant and attorney, as well as advice from his team of business planning experts at Northwestern Mutual."

Carl J. Succa
Business Owner, Commercial Acceptance Company

“My schedule can be fairly hectic, but Jay and his team always found time to meet with me at my workplace or even at my home. There is no group I would trust more with my financial security. Jay and his team are honest and effective, and to be honest, I look forward to seeing him as it is easy to develop both a working relationship and friendship. I find myself recommending him and his services to all my colleagues and even family.”

Dr. Michael Farbaniec
Penn State Health, Hershey, PA

"For several years, I have been a customer of Northwestern Mutual for their highly rated life insurance products. I had tremendous trust in my insurance broker who provided some sage advice, such as buying life insurance for my three children while they were still very young. For me, matching the insurance limits to the true needs of my business and estate was a real concern. So often brokers will over-insure and individuals will under-insure. In my case, I feel confident that the limits were set appropriately and that adjustments were made to meet the shifts in my life and personal wealth.

A few years ago, I had one such significant shift when I sold one of my businesses. At the time, I had a financial planner who was separate from my life insurance. I saw great value in combining my assets under a single roof to reduce complication for me personally, but also to have a comprehensive financial plan and strategy. At the same time, Matt and Minta Krise were expanding Don Failor’s Northwestern Mutual practice to one that now includes all aspects of wealth management and financial planning.

There are a couple of things that gave me confidence to transition my assets to Matt and Minta:

  • From the beginning, Matt and Minta spent considerable time working to understand my goals. Each meeting leading up to the estate plan was well orchestrated with detailed agendas and obvious care about me and my wife.
  • Second, they were very good at balancing input from me while also placing equal value on my wife’s input. This lead to a strategy built in a very collaborative way, which ultimately makes it one that reflects our shared goals.
  • Lastly, we get the benefit from the local, personal relationship with Matt, Minta and the InTandem Financial team, but we also get the value of the larger Northwestern Mutual community who have worked diligently to help us maintain our original focus and reach our financial goals.

As things in life and business continue to evolve and as the world seems to be more turbulent, I feel very confident and comfortable having Matt, Minta, and Northwestern Mutual as a steward and partner in managing my wealth."

Peter Ballantine
Business Owner- OnPoint

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jay Broeg since my 3rd year of Internal Medicine Residency, when he helped me obtain a Disability Insurance Policy. From the outset, he has acted the quintessential professional, responded to my every question or concern, and took the time to explain the different aspects of my policy to me.

Based upon this relationship, I later readily accepted his assistance and expertise as a Certified Financial Planner. He would not only schedule phone calls with me and my wife to review our financial plan, but actually took the time to travel four hours from Eastern Pennsylvania to meet with us personally. He and his firm have managed our portfolios with the same transparency, truthfulness, and skill that I first appreciated in Jay all those years before. I would recommend his services without question to any of my physician colleagues.”

Dr. James Como
Allegheny General Hospital - Associate Program Director, Infectious Disease Fellowship
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine

"Minta Krise at InTandem Financial and Northwestern Mutual were instrumental in assisting us with a key component of our business succession plan. We really appreciate her integrity and the continued customer service we get from the InTandem Financial team."

Jim Mooney
President & CEO - Enginuity

“My wife and I are both physicians and have worked with Jay Broeg and InTandem Financial for over 7 years. We have experienced first class advice, tutoring, recommendations and wealth management from this team of experts. We moved from another financial company and the difference in care is unquantifiable. Jay treats you like a friend … like family. Ronnie is always professional and astute.

We are very satisfied and have recommended the InTandem Financial team under Northwestern Mutual to our friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Odera (Dale) Echeazu – Dallas, TX

"One of the scariest parts about financial planning, from both a personal perspective and as a business owner, is that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Having advisors that you know and trust – and who are there not only to answer your questions, but also to tell you what you don’t know – is one the smartest and most important decisions someone can make for his or her family and or business.

Matt, Minta & the InTandem Financial team have played an instrumental role in our family’s personal financial planning by designing and walking us through a financial plan tailored to our personal goals for the future. They listened to our concerns, answered our questions, made thoughtful suggestions, and helped us reframe previously held assumptions and fears in order to find the best path for our family. And with every twist and turn in the road, they helped us navigate our way through it. When we contemplated my husband’s career change, they were there. When I considered leaving my law firm to start a new one, they were there. And even when faced with a small and seemingly insignificant question or concern, we never hesitate to call – because they are always there. Their integrity and wise counsel through all of our life changes – both big and small – helps us make decisions for the future with confidence.

On the business side, the InTandem Financial team members have been more than just advisors – they have been partners in helping my partners and I reach our business goals and expectations. When we launched our new law firm, Pillar+Aught, in 2017, the InTandem Financial team helped initiate our initial group benefits package including group life, short and long-term disability, health insurance, and 401(k) plan. They provided us confidence in starting our own business, and helped educate us on what to do, how to do it and why it was important to our business. They continue to advise the firm’s partners on strategies to maximize our planning and to offer benefits that are most important to attract and incentivize our employees. We see them as our allies and value our relationship with the team as a long-term benefit that allows us to be the best at what we do and to achieve all of our business goals."

Kate Deringer Sallie
Attorney/Partner - Pillar+Aught

“I have known Jay for a number of years and was originally introduced to him through Norm Hessel. From the beginning, I found Jay to be very real and approachable. He listens and takes into consideration what is happening in my life and what I value. He lets me dream and talk about what I wish the future could be, and then he gently eases me into the planning process so those dreams become reality.

Jay is very upbeat about the future, but very realistic about what I need to do now to be financially secure later. I never feel coerced by his recommendations. As we have discussed the best time for me to consolidate debt and to retire, he keeps me grounded by helping me see what I gain and lose from each potential scenario. Jay lays out the choices for Kim and me based on our risk tolerance, and then he gently guides us through the decision making process to keep us accountable to the goals we have set.

My wife and I find Jay to be a person of integrity, smart and bright with a great sense of humor, and easy to talk to and confide in because he cares about us as real people. We look to him not only as our “wealth management person”, but as an advisor … someone we call who will listen, answer our questions and keep us on track so we can enjoy the life we have right now and the life we dream of having in the future.”

Steven Bucciferro, MBA – Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute

The testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of all clients and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.